Delta Changes On-Time Performance Guarantee for the Better

Delta has updated its Operational Performance Commitment (OPC) to include on-time performance using the A0 metric instead of the A14 metric. This commitment has also been expanded include more than 2,000 additional corporate accounts.

Rotating infront of the old tower, LAX.

Delta’s Operational Performance Commitment

A0 measures the percentage of flights arriving on or before the scheduled arrival time, while A14 measures the percentage of flights arriving within 14 minutes of scheduled arrival time, the DOT’s definition of on-time. Delta’s OPC compensates eligible corporate accounts if the airline’s operational reliability falls below its global U.S. competitors, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Throughout 2016, Delta met the OPC commitment by outpacing both American and United in the measured operational performance:

  • #1 in A0 and A14 on-time performance
  • #1 in completion factor
  • Fewer system-wide cancellations – for 241 days last year, Delta didn’t cancel a mainline flight anywhere in the world, beating an industry record they set during 2015 by 80 days.

First-of-its-kind Program

The OPC was a first-of-its-kind program introduced in 2015, providing Delta’s eligible corporate customers with a pledge to deliver superior operations and putting money behind the airline’s performance. In 2016, the OPC was expanded to included international mainline and Delta Connection flights, as well as any delay or cancellation, including those caused by weather. Delta also included a baggage metric, an area where the airline already leads and only stands to improve upon thanks to the recent implementation of RFID baggage tracking technology.

How This Impacts Leisure Travelers

Although leisure travelers will not be compensated under the OPC program directly.  They still benefit by Delta having a vested economic interest in having their flights depart and arrive on-time.  By moving the metric to A0 instead of A14, theoretically more flights will arrive exactly on time (or earlier) rather than a few minutes late.


Has a 15-minute delay ever caused you to miss a connection?

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