Review: New United Club at LAX

United Airlines recently built a brand new 20,000 square foot United Club at LAX on top of the existing Terminal 7. The new club opened in November 2016 and recently I was able to experience it for the first time. At more than 20,000 square feet, the United Club at LAX is one of the airline’s largest.

A bit of history behind the project, United is currently in the midst of a $573 million project to refresh nearly all of its public spaces in Terminals 7 and 8 at LAX and part of this project was the new United Club. Also opened recently at LAX is a new economy lobby, new baggage claim areas, and a TSA new security checkpoint area with five automated screening lanes.


The new club is located within Terminal 7 adjacent to Gate 71B just past the Terminal 7 security checkpoint. Hallways on either side of the club lounge entrance area lead directly to Terminals 6 and 8.


The area where the old United Club was located at the departures level has been repurposed into an area where passengers are able to overlook an expanded TSA security screening area below.


After passing through frosted glass automated doors and checking-in to the new United Club, there are a set of escalators (or a nearby elevator) that takes you up to the newly built rooftop structure. The new club contains two seating rooms, and an outdoor patio.


Just past the top of the escalators is the first seating room, located on the west side of the Terminal 7 pier.  This room contains lounge chairs for relaxing, many high top desks with ample room to work, club lounge restrooms, and the customer service desks for schedule changes, rebookings, etc.


The high top desks in this room seat eight people and have outlets in the center to charge multiple electronic devices at the same time.


Beyond the first room is the second seating room, located on the east side of the Terminal 7 pier, featuring views of the LAX Theme Building, the Hollywood Hills and the Los Angeles skyline. This room contains the kitchen and bar area and mostly dining tables. The food spread area which is off to the right in the image above. Many of the dining tables in this room have outlets that pop out of the center when pushed. Unfortunately as it was raining on our visit, the outdoor terrace overlooking the tarmac was closed.


We were visiting in the evening, at that time the food spread consisted of a extremely basic salad, some soups, and a couple desserts.  This was definitely on the lower end of airport club lounge spreads, but not as worst I’ve visited, the Air China Lounge at Pudong Airport in Shanghai. One plus side to the new lounge, the liquor selection at the bar was very impressive with the most variety of wines to choose from I have even seen.


Overall the new United Club at LAX has great brand new spaces for relaxing before your flight, however the food quality was lacking and definitely could be improved. The best feature of this new lounge is its high up location offering great views of the airport and entire LA basin beyond.


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