Dubai Nearly Ready to Finish World’s Largest Airport

Reuters is reporting the Dubai government is finalizing a loan for the next phase of Al Maktoum International Airport, proposed to become the largest and highest capacity airport in the world.


The airport, located about 20 miles southwest of Dubai, opened in 2010. Currently the airport handles mostly cargo and some passenger carriers with a current capacity of about 5 million passengers per year.

The master plan for the airport targets servicing over 160-million passengers per year. Four aircraft will be able to land on at the same time on 5 parallel runways. The airport is proposed to have 3 terminals: one for Emirates, one for upscale carriers, and the last for low-cost carriers. Other proposed facilities include: executive and royal terminals, full aircraft maintenance facilities, hotels, shopping malls, and a high-speed train to Dubai and the existing airport.


Do you think Dubai will be able to attract 160-million passengers per year to their new airport?


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